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​​Growing up in the hills of West Virginia was never an easy hike. Clearly,  a career in the arts seemed a feat measurable to hiking the Appalachian trail. Yet, somehow, I never let it defeat me. My earliest memories include singing in the car and dancing in my superman undies. (which, I insisted on wearing backwards...The picture should go in the front, that's all I'm sayin'.) ​The performing arts bug has somehow always been in my system and I simply couldn't imagine being without it.

My first "official" performance was at an Easter service in church, and from then on, I never stopped singing.  For a very long time, my ultimate dream was to be a country music star - to this day, I can sing almost any 90's country hit from memory -I sang at local events and even had a streak of singing on floats(which, my father and I constructed) in parades.
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And then came my first day of Drama 1 class. I. WAS. HOOKED. It was all over. Theatre had found its way into my system (pushed a bit by my teacher and greatest mentor, Lynn Broderick,) and it was here to stay. In those four years, I completed nearly 30 productions. After graduating from Preston High, I was a teacher at The Preston County Camp of the Arts and performed Summer Stock.

​I continued building my dream by studying at Shenandoah Conservatory, pursuing a BFA in Acting. Words can't describe what those four years have given to me as I took part in 15 productions and projects and countless priceless opportunities. I was also a very active member of The National Honorary Dramatic Service Society, Alpha Psi Omega, serving as the Treasurer​. 

After Graduating from Shenandoah, I moved to Philadelphia to fulfill an acting apprenticeship with Walnut Street Theatre. During that year, I found I have a love for teaching theatre, and realized it had a lot to do with “City of Brotherly Love” so, I decided to stay. Philadelphia has brought me many performance opportunities as well as the opportunity to cross over and work professionally on the creative side of theatre as a Director, Choreographer, and Founder of Nightcap Cabaret. As I continue finding my place in this bustling community as an artist, I look forward to the future, and I cannot wait to climb the hills ahead of me.

Onward and Upward.